High pressure plunger pump with competitive price for municipal pipeline dredgingplunger

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Model: PW-303

1. High pressure pump adopts forced lubrication and cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of power end;

2. The crankshaft box of the power end is cast with ductile iron, and the cross head slide is made of cold-set alloy sleeve technology, which is wear-resistant, low noise and compatible high precision;

3. Fine grinding of gear shaft and gear ring surface, low running noise; Use with NSK bearing to ensure stable operation;

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Single pump weight 960kg
Single pump shape 1600×950×620 (mm)
Maximum pressure 280Mpa
Maximum flow 1020L/min
Rated shaft power 250KW
Optional speed ratio 3.5:1 4.09:1 4.62:1 5.21:1
Recommended oil Shell pressure S2G 220

Product Details



1. High pressure pump adopts forced lubrication and cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of power end;

2. The crankshaft box of the power end is cast with ductile iron, and the cross head slide is made of cold-set alloy sleeve technology, which is wear-resistant, low noise and compatible high precision;

3. Fine grinding of gear shaft and gear ring surface, low running noise; Use with NSK bearing to ensure stable operation;

4. The crankshaft is made of American standard 4340 high quality alloy steel, 100% flaw detection treatment, forging ratio 4:1, after survival, the whole nitriding treatment, compared traditional 42CrMo crankshaft, strength increased by 20%;

5. The pump head adopts high-pressure/water inlet split structure, which reduces the weight of the pump head and is easier to install and disassemble on site.

6. The plunger is tungsten carbide material with hardness higher than HRA92, surface accuracy higher than 0.05Ra, straightness and cylindricity less than 0.01mm, both ensure hardness and wear resistance also ensure corrosion resistance and improve service life;

7. The plunger self-positioning technology is used to ensure that the plunger is stressed evenly and the service life of the seal is greatly extended;

8. The stuffing box is equipped with imported V-type packing to ensure the high pressure pulse of high pressure water, long life;

Application Areas

★ Traditional Cleaning (Cleaning Company)/Surface Cleaning/Tank Cleaning/Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning/Pipe Cleaning
★ Paint Removal From Ship/Ship Hull Cleaning/Ocean Platform/Ship Industry
★ Sewer Cleaning/Sewer Pipeline Cleaning/Sewer Dredging Vehicle
★ Minning, Dust Reduction By Spraying In Coal Mine, Hydraulic Support, Water Injection To Coal Seam
★ Rail Transit/Automobiles/Investment Casting Cleaning/Preparation For Highway Overlay
★ Construction/Steel Structure/Descaling/Concrete Surface Preparation/Asbestos Removal

★ Power Plant
★ Petrochemical
★ Aluminium Oxide
★ Petroleum/Oil Field Cleaning Applications
★ Metallurgy
★ Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric
★ Aluminium Plate Cleaning

★ Landmark Removal
★ Deburring
★ Food Industry
★ Scientific Research
★ Military
★ Aerospace, Aviation
★ Water Jet Cutting, Hydraulic Demolition

Recommended working conditions:
Heat exchangers, evaporation tanks and other scenarios, surface paint and rust removal, landmark cleaning, runway degumming, pipeline cleaning, etc.
Cleaning time is saved due to excellent stability, ease of operation, etc.
It improves efficiency, saves personnel costs, liberates labor, and is simple to operate,and ordinary workers can operate without training.


(Note: The above working conditions need to be completed with various actuators, and the purchase of the unit does not include all kinds of actuators, and all kinds of actuators need to be purchased separately )


Q1. What pressure and flow rate of the UHP water blaster usually the shipyard industry used?
A1. Usually 2800bar and 34-45L/M the most used in the shipyard cleaning.

Q2. Does your ship cleaning solution hard to operate?
A2. No, it is very easy and simple to operate, and we support online technical, video, manual service.

Q3. How do you help to solve the problem if we met when operation on working site?
A3. First, response quickly to deal with the problem you met. And then if it is possible we can be your working site to help.

Q4. What is your delivery time and payment term?
A4. Will be 30days if have in stock, and will be 4-8weeks if don't have stock. The payment can be T/T. 30%-50%deposit in advance, the rest balance before delivery.

Q5. What can you buy from us?
A5. Ultra high pressure pump set, High pressure pump set, Medium pressure pump set, Large remote control robot,Wall climbing remote control robot

Q6. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A6. Our company has 50 proprietary intellectual property rights. Our products have been long-term verified by the market, and the total sales volume has exceeded 150 million yuan. The company has independent R&D strength and standardized management. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases we are able to do so.


Our pump features a crankshaft made of American standard 4340 high-quality alloy steel. This material has undergone a rigorous 100% flaw detection treatment, ensuring exceptional strength and reliability. With a forging ratio of 4:1, the crankshaft is further strengthened, resulting in a 20% increase in overall strength when compared to traditional 42CrMo crankshafts. We understand the importance of a robust crankshaft in heavy-duty applications, and our product delivers on that front.

Furthermore, the entire pump head has been designed with a high-pressure/water inlet split structure. This innovative design not only reduces the weight of the pump head but also makes installation and disassembly on-site much easier. We believe in the importance of efficient and hassle-free operation, and our pump head design embodies this philosophy.

One of the most critical components of any high-pressure pump is the plunger. In our High Pressure Plunger Pump for Municipal Pipeline Dredging, the plunger is made of tungsten carbide material. This remarkable material boasts a hardness higher than HRA92, ensuring unparalleled resistance to wear and tear. Combined with its surface accuracy, our tungsten carbide plunger guarantees optimal performance and a prolonged lifespan.


Company Information:

Power (Tianjin) technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of HP and UHP water jet intelligent equipment, cleaning engineering solutions, and cleaning. The business scope involves many fields such as shipbuilding, transportation, metallurgy, municipal administration, construction, petroleum and petrochemical, coal, electric power, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace, etc. Production of various types of full automatic and semi-automatic professional equipments.

In addition to company headquarters, there are overseas offices in Shanghai, Zhoushan, Dalian, and Qingdao. The company is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. Patent achievement enterprise.and also is member units of multiple academic groups.

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This high-pressure pump has advanced functions to ensure long-term stable operation of the power end. The forced lubrication and cooling system effectively lubricates and cools the pump, allowing it to withstand continuous operation without affecting its performance.The crankcase on the power end is cast in ductile iron, a durable material that increases pump reliability and service life. The crosshead slider is made of cold solidified alloy sleeve technology, which has excellent wear resistance and high precision compatibility. This technology significantly reduces noise levels, allowing the pump to run quietly and efficiently.To further enhance its performance, the surfaces of the pinion shaft and the ring gear have been meticulously ground. This keeps operating noise to a minimum and ensures a comfortable working environment.  The addition of NSK bearings ensures stable operation and contributes to the overall reliability and performance of the pump.

Our high pressure plunger pumps are specifically designed for municipal plumbing, making them ideal and powerful tools for a variety of maintenance and construction projects. It effectively removes hardened material and debris from pipes, ensuring smooth, unobstructed flow.

In addition to excellent performance, this high pressure pump is also competitively priced. We understand the importance of providing value to our customers without compromising quality. Our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions makes this pump an excellent choice for municipal pipeline dredging projects.

Our high pressure plunger pumps are reliable and powerful tools in the field of municipal pipeline dredging due to their advanced features, durability and efficient operation. Its ability to deliver consistent performance and handle demanding tasks makes it the first choice of industry professionals.