Pool Surface Stripping


Pool restoration contractors require a safe, fast and environmentally friendly method of removing old in-ground plaster surfaces without damaging the pool’s concrete structure.


Utilizing NLB high-pressure water jetting systems to remove old surface plaster allows contractors to make fast work of any pool restoration project from large waterparks to the individual homeowner’s backyard pool. NLB offers a variety of water jetting pumps up to 40,000 psi and all the tools needed to complete your job with excellent surface preparation results. Water jetting vs. abrasive blasting is a proven way to increase production speeds, minimize clean up and disposal of removed material and eliminate the need for additional surface preparation steps prior to recoating. Remember, NLB rental units are an excellent way to tap into the power of NLB quality and keep your overhead low if you’re just not quite ready to make a capital investment in a water jetting unit!


NLB offers a variety of well-engineered accessory tools designed to work with its units for trouble-free, reliable operation.

Pool Packages Are Available Now!

Rent or Purchase Yours Today.

NLB offers complete pool packages that provide you with everything you need to get the job done. Customize it your job’s specific needs, or opt for our quick and easy standard bundle.

Standard Pool Packages include:

  • UHP Water Jetting Unit
  • Hand Lance
  • Water Supply Hoses
  • Air Supply Hoses
  • High-Pressure Hoses
  • Spare Parts Kit

Additional surface prep options are available. Contact an NLB Sales Representative for details.