Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning


You have heavy debris piled high in your pipe or sewer line, and not enough flow from your current pipe cleaning system to move it.


A high-pressure water jetting system from NLB. As a leading provider of large diameter sewer cleaning products, our proven reliable units will provide you with three times more flow to remove the debris. We can customize the hose reel system to meet your specific length, pressure, and flow needs… anywhere from 120 to 400 gpm (454 -1,514 lpm)! Between our heavy-duty all-in-one truck-mounted systems, and our lightweight easy to maneuver trailer-mounted systems, we make it easy to find the perfect solution for your job.

Our heavy-duty truck-mounted systems feature a hose reel with a length of up to 4,800 feet — the longest in the industry! Hydraulic power for the hose reel is provided by the pump motor, saving the user the expense of a separate hydraulic power unit.

To make it easy to transport, our RotoReel® units and the pumps are trailer-mounted. The hydraulically-driven RotoReel® 500 spools a hose at 60 feet per minute and feeds it out at 40 feet per minute. It rotates a full 360° at 30 rpm, allowing the nozzle on the hose to move along the inner diameter of the pipe.


  • Three times the flow rate of traditional cleaning systems
  • Reliable and durable pump, with minimal wear and maintenance
  • Custom pump and hose reel control options are available
  • Truck or trailer mounted
  • Rental and rental purchase options are available
  • Variety of pump options with a wide range of hp, pressures and flows
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