Industrial Tote & Tank Cleaning

Manual tank and tote cleaning methods are slow, and you can’t start processing again until cleaning is complete. Using solvents or caustics compounds the problem because the care required for their use and disposal requires more time and money. And when workers are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals or caustics, safety, and confined space entry become concerns, as well. 

Fortunately, high-pressure water jet systems from NLB Corporation clean tanks and reactors in minutes instead of days. As a supplier of industrial tank cleaning systems, NLB Corporation can assist you in all your needs.  The power of high-pressure water (up to 36,000 psi, or 2,500 bar) can strip away virtually any product build-up, even in tight spaces… without using chemicals and without requiring anyone to enter a tank. With our industrial tank cleaning equipment you save time, labor, and money!

The key is NLB’s 3-Dimensional tank cleaning head, which focuses high-velocity water jets through two rotating nozzles. While the head rotates horizontally, the nozzles rotate vertically, powered by the reaction energy of the high-pressure water. The combination of these movements produces a 360° cleaning pattern over the entire interior surface of the tank, tote or reactor. When tanks are large — e.g., 20 to 30 ft. (6 to 9 m) high — the head is inserted into the vessel on a telescoping lance. Six cleaning head models and three lance styles are available for our industrial tote and tank cleaning machines to suit virtually any application.