China brand ultra jet high pressure washer cleaner with pump unit motor driven equipments

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About the selling points of ultra-high pressure pump units

Using advanced ultra- high pressure technology, compact structure, small size, light weight, high energy efficiency and other characteristics, easy to maintain and operate. The motor equipped with it has always become the most advanced frequency conversion system, which has excellent performance in energy efficiency and economy, operation stability and precise control.

Technical features:
International advanced ultra-high pressure technology,  compact structure, small size, light weight, high energy efficiency, easy to operate.

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PW-253 Single plunger pump

Single pump weight 960kg
Single pump shape 1600×950×620 (mm)
Maximum pressure 280Mpa
Maximum flow 1020L/min Rated shaft power: 250KW
Optional speed ratio 3.5:1 4.09:1 4.62:1 5.21:1
Recommended oil Shell pressure S2G 220

Pump unit data

Electric model(ED)
Power: 200KW Pump speed: 367rpm speed ratio:4.04.1
Stress PSI 40000 35000 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000
BAR 2800 2400 2000 1700 1400 1000  700
Flow rate L/M 32 38 49 60 81 93  134
MM 17.5 19 22 24 28 30 36

* ED=Electric Driven

Product Details



1. Output pressure and flow are currently the highest level in the industry.

2. Excellent equipment quality, high operating life.

3. The structure of the hydraulic part is simple, and the amount of maintenance and replacement parts is small.

4. The overall structure of the equipment is compact, and the space occupation is small.

5. Base shock absorber structure, the equipment runs smoothly.

6. The unit is skid mounted steel structure, with standard lifting holes reserved at the top and standard forklift holes reserved at the bottom to meet the lifting requirements of all kinds of lifting equipment.

Application Areas

● Traditional cleaning (cleaning company)/surface cleaning/tank cleaning/heat exchanger tube cleaning/pipe cleaning
● Paint removal from ship/ship hull cleaning/ocean platform/ship industry
● Sewer cleaning/sewer pipeline cleaning/sewer dredging vehicle
● Minning, dust reduction by spraying in coal mine, hydraulic support, water injection to coal seam
● Rail transit/automobiles/investment casting cleaning/preparation for highway overlay
● Construction/steel structure/descaling/concrete surface preparation/asbestos removal

● Power plant
● Petrochemical
● Aluminium oxide
● Petroleum/oil field cleaning applications
● Metallurgy
● Spunlace non-woven fabric
● Aluminium plate cleaning

● Landmark removal
● Deburring
● Food industry
● Scientific research
● Military
● Aerospace, aviation
● Water jet cutting, hydraulic demolition

We can provide you with:
The motor and electronic control system equipped with it are currently the industry-leading system, and it has excellent performance in terms of service life, safety performance, stable operation and overall lightweight. It can be convenient for indoor and power supply access and environmental use with requirements for fuel emission pollution

Recommended working conditions:
Heat exchangers, evaporation tanks and other scenarios, surface paint and rust removal, landmark cleaning, runway degumming, pipeline cleaning, etc.
Cleaning time is saved due to excellent stability, ease of operation, etc.
It improves efficiency, saves personnel costs, liberates labor, and is simple to operate,and ordinary workers can operate without training.


(Note: The above working conditions need to be completed with various actuators, and the purchase of the unit does not include all kinds of actuators, and all kinds of actuators need to be purchased separately )


Q1. What is the pressure and flow rate of the UHP water blaster usually the shipyard industry used?
A1. Usually 2800bar and 34-45L/M the most used in the shipyard cleaning.

Q2. Does your ship cleaning solution hard to operate?
A2. No, it is very easy and simple to operate, and we support online technical, video, manual service.

Q3. How do you help to solve the problem if we met when operation on working site?
A3. First, response quickly to deal with the problem you met. And then if it is possible we can be your working site to help.

Q4. What is your delivery time and payment term?
A4. Will be 30days if have in stock, and will be 4-8weeks if don't have stock. The payment can be T/T. 30%-50%deposit in advance, the rest balance before delivery.

Q5. What can you buy from us?
A5. Ultra high pressure pump set, High pressure pump set, Medium pressure pump set, Large remote control robot,Wall climbing remote control robot

Q6. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A6. Our company has 50 proprietary intellectual property rights. Our products have been long-term verified by the market, and the total sales volume has exceeded 150 million yuan.The company has independent R&D strength and standardized management.


Lightweight Design and Modular Layout:
The Ultra Jet High-Pressure Washer Cleaner boasts a lightweight design of the entire machine, ensuring effortless maneuverability and ease of use. With a modular layout, the unit offers a user-friendly interface and simple assembly. The overall structure is compact, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Convenient Hoisting Options:
Featuring two types of hoisting holes, our high-pressure washer cleaner allows for the convenient hoisting of different equipment on-site. Whether you need to lift the unit with a crane or use a forklift, our innovative design caters to various hoisting requirements. This flexibility ensures that you can easily transport and position the machine wherever it is needed.

Multiple Startup Modes:
Our product offers multiple startup modes, providing you with the freedom to choose the most suitable option for your specific cleaning task. Whether you prefer manual control or automatic operation, our high-pressure washer cleaner caters to your preferences. This versatility ensures effortless operation and maximum efficiency.

Computerized Multi-Channel Signal Sources:
Equipped with computer multi-channel signal sources, our high-pressure washer cleaner collects data from various sources to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning process. This advanced technology guarantees reliable performance and minimizes the risk of any issues during operation. You can trust our product to deliver consistent results every time.

Scientific Split Liquid End Design:
One of the highlights of our Ultra Jet High-Pressure Washer Cleaner is the scientific design of the split liquid end. This innovative feature significantly improves the efficiency of the high-pressure water outlet, ensuring powerful and effective cleaning. Additionally, the split liquid end design reduces the difficulty of processing, making maintenance and repairs hassle-free.


Company Information:

Power (Tianjin) technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of HP and UHP water jet intelligent equipment, cleaning engineering solutions, and cleaning. The business scope involves many fields such as shipbuilding, transportation, metallurgy, municipal administration, construction, petroleum and petrochemical, coal, electric power, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace, etc. Production of various types of full automatic and semi-automatic professional equipments.

In addition to company headquarters, there are overseas offices in Shanghai, Zhoushan, Dalian, and Qingdao. The company is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. Patent achievement enterprise.and also is member units of multiple academic groups.

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Ultra Jet High Pressure Washer Cleaner with Pump Unit Motor Driven Equipments is a revolutionary product that combines advanced ultra-high pressure technology with compact structure, small size, light weight, high energy efficiency, and other exceptional characteristics. This innovative washer cleaner is not only easy to maintain and operate, but also offers excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency, economy, operation stability, and precise control.One of the key advantages of the Ultra Jet High Pressure Washer Cleaner is its use of advanced ultra-high pressure technology. This cutting-edge technology allows for powerful and efficient cleaning, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to remove stubborn dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces, clean industrial machinery, or efficiently wash vehicles, this washer cleaner is up to the task.

The compact structure and small size of the Ultra Jet High Pressure Washer Cleaner make it highly portable and easy to maneuver. Its lightweight design ensures that you can take it wherever you need to without any hassle. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who need to clean multiple locations or have limited storage space.

In addition to its portability, this washer cleaner is also highly energy-efficient. The motor equipped with it is the most advanced frequency conversion system available, making it not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. With the Ultra Jet High Pressure Washer Cleaner, you can effectively clean without worrying about excessive energy consumption.

The operation stability and precise control offered by this product further enhance its performance. You can easily adjust the pressure and water flow according to your specific cleaning needs, providing you with the flexibility to tackle different tasks efficiently. The precise control ensures that you achieve optimal results every time, without any unnecessary waste or damage.