Water Jetting Association is about to launch a new code of practice for pressure washing

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) is about to introduce a new pressure washing practice code that will revolutionize the pressure washing industry. WJA President John Jones highlighted the need for the industry to step up safety measures and explained how the new guidelines aim to address these concerns.

Pressure washing has grown in popularity over the years, with more and more individuals and businesses relying on this cleaning method to efficiently handle a variety of tasks. From removing stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces to preparing surfaces for painting, pressure washing offers powerful solutions. However, with great power comes great responsibility and growing concerns about security practices.

Recognizing the urgent need for standardized safety protocols, the WJA has been working to develop a comprehensive set of codes of practice aimed at regulating and enhancing safety measures in the pressure washing industry. Mr Jones stressed that the guidelines, aptly named "Code Purple", were intended to establish a set of guidelines that every pressure washing professional should follow to prioritize safety.

Water Jetting Association is about to launch a new code of practice for pressure washing

The new code will cover a wide range of safety aspects, including operator training, proper use and maintenance of equipment, safe work practices and risk assessment procedures. By instilling these practices within the industry, Code Purple aims to minimize accidents, injuries and property damage.

Mr Jones stressed that the code also aims to improve the environmental sustainability of the pressure washing industry. With growing concern about the impact of harmful chemicals and wasted water, WJA recognizes the need to address these issues. The Purple Code will include guidance on responsible use of cleaning agents, proper disposal of wastewater, and strategies to conserve water during pressure washing operations.

To ensure widespread adoption and compliance, the WJA program works closely with industry professionals, training organizations, and equipment manufacturers. By engaging key stakeholders and providing comprehensive support and training, the association hopes to create a culture of safety and environmental responsibility within the pressure washing industry.

In addition to publishing the guidelines, WJA plans to provide educational resources and training programs to enable professionals to effectively understand and implement the guidelines. By providing individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to comply with Code Purple, the WJA aims to create a safer, more sustainable future for the pressure washing industry.

In conclusion, with the imminent launch of Code Purple, pressure washing professionals and enthusiasts can look forward to a change in the industry. By promoting safety, environmental responsibility and professional excellence, the Water Jetting Association aims to revolutionize the pressure washing industry. Through collaboration and compliance, Code Purple seeks to ensure that every pressure washing task is performed with the utmost care for the benefit of workers and the environment.

Post time: Aug-25-2023