High pressure water jetting machine, how much do you know?

The high pressure water jetting machine are used more and more in our lives. The high pressure jetting water remove the burrs and scraps for various woodworks and ironworks,
remove the dirty, algae and rust of ship hull, make the surface preparation for painting, clean various pipes and flow out with the dirty and debris.
It's very widely used in oil and gas industry, Semi-conduct manufacturing, food and beverage industry, thermal power plant, refinery factory, water treatment industry, ship manufacturing and repairing.road maintenance.
POWER series of high pressure pump is designed by the latest technology, every part is made of the finest material, management process is flatted and high efficient.
The fuel-economic is from the simple structure and the transmission efficiency 97%. The pump unit can work on the long-time continous condition. So the fuel-economic is very important.
Another factor is about the flow rate, POWER pump improve the flow rate for the contractor-grade pump to work in high efficiency, harvest more in the same time. As a result, the old type of pump have to retreat from the job-site.
So our bosses win more contractor. The reason is that our pump is driven by a bigger engine or motor on the same grade.


Post time: Nov-17-2023